Mohabbat mar nahi jaati, mohabbat saans leti he.
Kabhi yaadon k chilman se, mujassim k dil men jhank leti he.
Kabhi ho kar ye jism hamare saamne aakar, hamare haath ko apne vason me tham leti he.
Ye gardish kesi gardish he, bohot se rang hen jis me dhanak rang orhni ban kar, ye ham ko dhaanp leti he.
Mohabbat mar nahi jaati, mohabbat saans leti he.
(AbdulQadir - MAQH)

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people who have the audacity to mention the PTSD that U.S. soldiers’ face as a result of their actions in Afghanistan but conveniently leave out the large number of Afghans that develop PTSD as a result of those actions.

Your fucking husband’s PTSD, brought about after he “accidentally” killed a little girl, will be treated in time and given all the attention. My family members will never be accorded that opportunity. 

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Post ramadhaan sleeping schedule is a messss